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Direct Install Instructions

Follow these steps to install Artistco on your Android device :

1. Enable Unknown Sources
Grab your device and go into the Android Settings > Security menu, and check the box next to ”Unknown Sources“.
install apk
A dialog box may pop-up asking you to confirm the action, just tap OK to confirm.
2. Download the APK
Use the web browser on your device to view this web page and then click on the top button to download the apk file.
Click the Okay button when asked “Do you want to keep this file anyway?”
3. Install the APK
Tap on the the downloaded .apk file in the Notifications bar to install Artistco. If you see an error that says “can’t install file” then can you install a file manager app like OI File Manager then open that app, go into the Download folder and click on the .apk file.
Download Artistco APK for Android