2 years ago

Shortly after leaving the band Ictus in 1983, I decided to put together a band to play new works for a one-time concert at the Berklee Performance Center in Boston. I invited some of my good friends to play in the band, choosing really great players that wouldn't need too much rehearsing, and I called the band "Mashine Music." I was already using that name for my publishing, but the concept for the band was an integration of very electronic-based musical compositions with a horn section, as I was writing a lot of three-horn charts for the Berklee Ensemble Library as part of my day-gig. When writing the tunes for the concert I was thinking about combining humans and machines, both musically and biologically so several of the tunes have titles reflecting this thought. Cyborg was the first of the batch, and refers to the ultimate human/machine combination. The music reflects this as well, with a machine-like pulse in the synths, ostinatos and arpeggiation and contrasted with the 3-horns. The horn section was recorded live at The Record Company in Boston, and the rest of the tracks were recorded at my home studio. Here's a link to the video we shot for this track, also live at The Record Company. Jeff Stout takes a terrific solo on Trumpet!

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