The music world has changed so much in recent years and it is getting harder and harder for musicians to earn a living.

Artistco is a new private fan club that will enable musicians to directly reach their most dedicated fans and provide a source of income to help keep the great music (and the musicians) alive!

Artistco is the unique way to bring musicians and fans together. Meet your music heroes with your smartphone. Interact with your favorite artists in the cloud. If you’re a dedicated music fan, Artistco is simply the best way to support their music career.

And it’s a win:win situation. Here’s how.

  1. When you subscribe to your favorite Artistco musicians directly, they get 100% of the revenue. Compare that to the pennies they get from streaming and other music sites.
  2. This extra income means that Artistco musicians can afford to continue producing content you love, give you great deals on music, and provide exciting VIP perks. Perks like special prices to events, backstage passes and artist news.
    And the benefits don’t stop there.
  3. When you share the tracks from your favorite musicians on social channels, you’ll get free music credits for more music from the platform if your social contacts subscribe to an artist and support them.

So you can build your music collection just by being enthusiastic about your favourite musician or band. Which is what you like doing anyway!

Your favorite musician isn’t on Artistco yet? Tell them about the benefits:

  • It’s the simplest way to create their own online music streaming service and private fan club.
  • 100% of income from their own registered fans (that’s you!).
  • They keep their music copyright.
  • No commitment. They can stop their Artistco page anytime.
  • Non exclusive.
  • It’s totally free!

In summary, your Artistco app is the best way to keep up with your top artists:

  • Comment on exclusive content from your phone, tablet or computer.
  • Be the first to see news alerts and fanzine updates.
  • Collaborate with other fans to help your artist. Get personal thanks and incentive.